Bonita Post-Surgical Bra

“The Bonita Bra has features that help doctors and nurses care for a patient, while helping our patients through their recovery. With a nice amount of compression and a front opening, it’s easy to get the bra on a patient immediately after surgery and is convenient for replacing dressings and pads without completely taking the bra off. The front wings allow drains to hang from it, keeping them flat, so they don’t twist. And the adjustability allows the patient to create the right amount of comfort and support they need. These are a few of the reasons why our patients told us they appreciated this bra for their healing process.” – Pawel Stachowicz, MD, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Authentic Plastic Surgery, LLC

“I love seeing my patients on their next visit after I have given them these bras. They are so excited and grateful for a bra of this quality and one that offers so much comfort. I love seeing my patients smile. Who would’ve thought a bra could ever do that!” – Wendie L. Snyder, RN, Clinic Nurse Supervisor for Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, Geisinger Medical Center

"I just finished my first workout with your Bonita Bra and I can't say enough great things about it! This is the first non-underwire sports bra that I have ever worn that keeps my natural shape. The bra is soft, comfy and very supportive. It did a wonderful job, even when I was running. Best of all when I moved my arms when lifting weights there were no bulky seams or underwire jabbing under my arms, especially with my lymphedema causing swelling. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!! It is quite obvious that you paid attention to every little detail to make the perfect mastectomy sports bra. Writing this review was so simple because of the incredible product you have created."  – Denise, Patient

"This bra is awesome! It compresses and holds everything in place, keeping the drainage bulbs properly attached, without rubbing or hurting the side where I have my drains and had lymph nodes removed."
– Audra, Single Mastectomy Patient

"The hospital that performed my mastectomy/reconstruction uses your bras!!! They are seriously fabulous!!!" – Jennie, Mastectomy/Reconstruction Patient

"The bra was great after surgery because it was easy for me to use on my own without having to lift my hands over my head. The main thing that made it so great was how supportive and comfortable it was to sleep in. Most other bras I would worry that I wasn't being held properly in place and there wasn't any cup support at all. This bra is so unique because it has the same support that a bra with an underwire has and it's so soft and comfortable you barely know it's even on. I would recommend it to any woman undergoing a procedure and know you will be just as fully satisfied and happy as I am with it. I still wear it now once in a while when I feel like I need some extra support and can't wait to try the regular sports bras!" – Alana, Breast Augmentation Patient

"I loved the Heart and Core bra after my breast reduction. It felt so much softer and more comfortable than the bra I came home in from surgery. It was easy to get on and off. It was just the right amount of support after the surgery. It was comfortable to wear during the day and sleep in!" – Kylie, Breast Reduction Patient

Larissa Post-Surgical BraTM

Aesthetically, the bra made me feel confident in my clothes. The pads in the post surgical bra created balance where I was lacking. Also, the four tabs of Velcro allowed me to secure my drainage bulb strategically to reduce bulge underneath my clothing. Technically, I could not imagine not having this bra during post-op. It kept my breasts secure. I hurt terribly when I felt any bump while riding in the car, and this post op bra minimized the pain. Every time I rode the bus in D.C., I made sure I had on my heart&core post-op bra. And while it kept my breasts secure, it was not too secure. The adjustable straps were awesome while undergoing expansion. Unlike a regular sports bra, it didn't flatten, and I could adjust the width and the length of the bra—and this changed frequently in the first few weeks!!!” – Tyechia, Breast Cancer Surgery Patient

Ultimate Support Sports Bra

"This is the most comfortable bra I've ever worn...even better than my broken-in nursing bras! It was awesome! I love that I was able to adjust the fit before I took off and I wasn't pulling and tugging at it the whole time. Everything stayed comfortably where it was supposed to." – Barbara

"I just got three of your sports bras for my wife. She loved them. She instantly said yours is the most comfortable sports bra she has ever worn. She has about 40 sports bras of different kinds." – Tom

"I love it :)" –Suzi

Ultimate Support Tank Top

"The tank top has been a staple to my daily attire. It makes nursing easier. With a size 36DD, I can wear the tank and still get the support I need without adding another nursing bra underneath. The padded cups take away the fear of milk leaking and showing through your shirt. The straps are easy on and off so nursing is quick and discreet. I can wear the tank and feel confident. I give this a 10 and would recommend it to all nursing moms." – Laura, nursing mother looking for the perfect tank top, 36DD Ultimate Support Tank Top