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  • better bras, better recovery

    Sisters Jen and Lara describe heart&core's business model and how they're getting their bras—the Bonita Bra and new designs—in the hands of more women recovering from breast, heart or lung surgery.
  • Rave Reviews

    From athletes to doctors, breast cancer patients to nurses, we have talked to a lot of people about the supportive, comfortable difference that heart&core's bras offer. Read for yourself!
  • Skip the Pins & Needles

    The Bonita Post-Surgical Bra features side wing flaps that attach in front to allow for drain management, as well as a customized fit. Check out the other options to simplify your recovery.
  • premium post-surgical bras

    We've done the research and created premium bras for recovery after breast, heart and lung surgery. With unique features unlike any other on the market, the Bonita and Elisabeth bras are what every patient should be wearing.
  • we're here to help you

    Whether you are a patient, a friend or family member, or a medical professional, we want to help you find exactly what you need. From sizing to product questions to delivery options, we will help you find the right bra. If it doesn't work, send it right back for an exchange or full refund.
Surgery is not easy...
...but the Bonita Post-Surgical Bra helps to make your recovery as seamless as possible. Two sisters designed the bra based on their mother's battle with breast cancer in a style especially for women recovering from breast, heart and lung surgery. The bra is easy to use and creates a smooth shape with unique features like soft, formed cups, a front opening, and drain management. heart&core's mission is to provide premium bras and serve as a resource for women when it comes to their surgical needs.